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Faith Under Fire #2:  Creation or Evolution?

Are you prepared to tell a skeptic (or your children) why there must be a God?

Watch (and analyze/scrutinize) this conversation on the Christian concept of God:


Simple Cartoon (about 5 minutes) on the Fine-tuning of our universe (intelligence or chance?):

I have had the great benefit of working with the Discovery Institute and whom provided the Foreword to my book on The Philosophy of History. The Discovery Institute has led the way in many aspects of Scientific discovery.  They have been instrumental in finally challenging the "status quo" that we should "follow the information where ever it leads."  I always was curious why when I took evolution, geology, anthropology, philosophy, etc., at a major university, they could not answer any questions I asked concerning, "well where did the matter come from?  Or did the stars make the elements, or the elements the stars?  Etc., etc. 

I would like for you to watch the below videos produced by Discovery Institute and just see why this makes so much more sense, then the "status quo:"

Bar none - the below 3 videos, (from professors from Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Yale, and many, many more); are the best 3 in my opinion, that shows the facts for Design vs. the weakness of Naturalistic Evolution that has been force fed on me, and countless others at secular universities. 

Astronomy/Physics/Probability (just click the below):

Biology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology:

Part 3 Finale - Agnostic (non-Christian) David Berlinski shares why Evolution is bad science:

If you have watched the above videos, then I encourage you to share it with your family/friends/colleagues, and do not be afraid to challenge "the status quo" of academia.  (At the very least, your skeptical friends should be able to give you an explanation for the above, correct?)


Some other sites/information: