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To provide "free-thinking" groups with FREE, easy to follow apologetics material on why God exists and why Christianity and the Bible are true. 

*In our growing secular and anti-Christian world it will become more important than ever to prepare our children and ourselves accordingly. We simply wish to provide you with Free information on both this site as well as DVDs and books (Bible if you need); all we ask for in return is for you to USE them and share with others.

**To build off the work from my books: The Philosophy of History and Mere Christian Apologetics in showing that the concept of atheistic naturalism is dead intellectually even though (sadly) it is still pushed in the school systems today. Naturalism is dead and the truths of Christianity have never been stronger so it's time for all sides (skeptic and especially the Christians) to embrace this truth confidently. (Otherwise it should be easy to show myself and the 50+ other PhDs at Logos Research Associates where we are wrong and why naturalism is still credible. :o)

What is Apologetics?

Christians can no longer afford to be in "intellectual neutral"...

Why Creation History?

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The Importance of Genesis 1-11 in Depth

Has God spoken regarding the earth’s physical past, including its age? Many feel that this question is unnecessarily divisive in today’s intellectual climate and it therefore should not even be raised. Similarly, because the issue of the earth’s actual physical past is so intertwined with how one interprets the text of Genesis 1-11, further questions such as whether Adam and Eve were literal people, whether the temptation and Fall were literal events, whether a global Flood actually took place, and whether there was a literal Tower of Babel and a miraculous origin of languages, are now also viewed by many as divisive topics to be avoided. As a result, Genesis 1-11, as well as texts such as Exodus 20:11, Matthew 24:37-39, Romans 8:20-22, 1 Peter 3:20 and 2 Peter 3:3-6, are largely ignored in many evangelical churches today. However, knowing the tragic outcome of no longer defending the historicity of Genesis in the context of early 20th century church history, we plead earnestly with our brethren to resist this currently growing trend. With humility we make the appeal that God in His word has indeed spoken very plainly  on these matters. What He has revealed concerning the events recounted in Genesis 1-11 is woven inextricably into the rest of Scripture. Because Genesis 1-11 is so foundational to the rest of the Bible, its truthfulness and historicity are absolutely critical to the authority of the Bible as a whole. And because Jesus so clearly affirmed the truthfulness of this portion of Moses’ writings, Jesus’ own authority also hangs on their reliability.